Use The P/E Ratio Smartly!

Use The P/E Ratio Smartly!

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  • ahmad        
    nov 29,2018 at 10:07 - Reply

    Sir I wants to invest 1lakh in share market pl guide me pl prepare portpolio

    • ahmad        
      Team StockAxis
      dec 03,2018 at 11:02

      Dear Kumar ,

      We have forwarded your query to your assigned Relationship manager. We will get in touch with you shortly.

      Team Stockaxis

  • ahmad        
    aug 14,2018 at 11:26 - Reply

    Excellent. I had read it earlier. But the second reading has actually given me clear understanding to enable me to use it in my investment decision. Thanks

  • ahmad        
    S Santra
    aug 11,2018 at 10:49 - Reply

    How to decide expected EPS ? Frequent changes are dominating the market leading to uncertainty . Will it be projected although ?

    • ahmad        
      Team StockAxis
      aug 16,2018 at 11:08

      Dear S Santra,

      EPS = (Net Income - Dividends on Preferred Stock) / Average Outstanding Shares

      Expected EPS is an assumed ratio considering Dividend and Outstanding Shares as constant. Only Profit After Tax (PAT) is assumed considering the industry growth, company growth, the market share of the company in the industry, PAT margin.

      Thus, Expected EPS can be projected by calculating the profit (considering various above factors) that the company can make over the next quarter or fiscal year and divide it with the average outstanding shares.

      Team Stockaxis

  • ahmad        
    Dinesh Sharma
    jul 08,2018 at 09:01 - Reply

    I am really excited nd happy to educate .Your valuable information is the best . Thanx

  • ahmad        
    Sagar Jaiswal
    feb 16,2018 at 05:56 - Reply

    Valuable information.

  • ahmad        
    KP Yash
    jan 29,2018 at 10:40 - Reply

    Valuable education

  • ahmad        
    jan 21,2018 at 08:43 - Reply

    Best information with explanation... Great...

  • ahmad        
    Lomesh Jambukiya
    jan 21,2018 at 12:17 - Reply

    Valuable analysis.....Good one

  • ahmad        
    dec 08,2017 at 02:30 - Reply

    wonderful explanation .it en-lights me .

  • ahmad        
    Suraj Patil
    dec 03,2017 at 08:19 - Reply

    Really very well explained. Key to success is to find stock like EICHER. Thank you stock axis

  • ahmad        
    KN Das
    nov 21,2017 at 08:48 - Reply

    Valuable effective Information.

  • ahmad        
    nov 14,2017 at 08:59 - Reply

    Awesome explanation

  • ahmad        
    Khysar Ahamed.p
    nov 12,2017 at 11:52 - Reply

    Good Advice and direction for investors one can fallow these profitable research. Good sayings always Green.

  • ahmad        
    Vijay Parlikar
    nov 11,2017 at 10:24 - Reply

    Good information...boss

  • ahmad        
    Smita Wadhavkar
    nov 11,2017 at 11:11 - Reply

    Previously i was confused with P/E with P/E ratio . But now u have explained it in very simple steps . Thanks.

  • ahmad        
    Nilesh Salunkhe
    nov 10,2017 at 09:57 - Reply

    Nice explain.madam /sir give fundamental training in stock axis for played Clint.for pay service?beacuase exlant explain idea.thanku.

  • ahmad        
    nov 10,2017 at 08:41 - Reply

    Very interesting topic for invesotrs
    Thanks at lot to Stockaxis

  • ahmad        
    Deepak Maniar
    nov 10,2017 at 12:57 - Reply

    Good information

  • ahmad        
    anil goel
    nov 10,2017 at 12:15 - Reply

    GOOD article but how to get expected eps

  • ahmad        
    nov 09,2017 at 10:51 - Reply

    It is very useful information to those who are interested in learning right way of investing in the share market for long term . Thank you very much K thanapal

  • ahmad        
    nov 09,2017 at 10:20 - Reply

    Hello sir, I am senthilkumaran from tiruvannamalai.

  • ahmad        
    Kamlesh Patel
    nov 09,2017 at 09:43 - Reply

    Such a very logical and nice analysis report by stockaxis. Very appreciated

  • ahmad        
    Sushil Maheshwari
    nov 09,2017 at 09:41 - Reply

    "Use the P/E Smartly" - Very well explained. Thanks!

  • ahmad        
    P Balasubramaniyan
    nov 09,2017 at 08:39 - Reply

    excellant example.forward PERatio that's where you are coming into the picture.I think I am right

  • ahmad        
    nov 09,2017 at 08:28 - Reply

    Bahut achha jankari....dhanyawad...

  • ahmad        
    Sunil Kumar Singh
    nov 09,2017 at 07:10 - Reply

    Thanks for the right advice.

  • ahmad        
    Satish garg
    nov 09,2017 at 06:45 - Reply

    Very interesting & learning article . Thank you

  • ahmad        
    Uday Singh Tundele
    nov 09,2017 at 06:24 - Reply

    Good analysis ..... !

  • ahmad        
    Ravi Kapur
    nov 09,2017 at 06:12 - Reply

    It's a lovely organisation, dedicated caring staff...Best wishes

  • ahmad        
    Velji Rajgor
    nov 09,2017 at 06:09 - Reply

    How to calculate pe is the art of investment. And thanks for teaching. Give two three stock under valued than pe in current market. Thanks.

  • ahmad        
    Aninda Sircar
    nov 09,2017 at 06:08 - Reply

    I have embarked upon renewing and taking the advisory services of Stockaxis, with the firm conviction and confidence that the advised stocks shall unfurl its wings and fly high, taking que from the Forward looking P/E, as has been evinced and mentioned by you in the case of Eicher. I place my full faith on your learned insight in the Stock market domain. Believe together we shall see times whereof we "celebrate wealth creation". Best regards, Aninda