Merck unveils cutting-edge fertility technology in India
28th Feb 2019

Merck has unveiled its cutting-edge fertility technology in India. The business launched two devices, namely Geri and Gavi, as well as Gems, a complete culture medium suite. This will be made available in partnership with GeneaBiomedx, to IVF clinics and hospitals.

This new technology provides an environment that helps to reduce external stresses on the embryos of patients undergoing fertility treatment. Individually-controlled chambers allow the embryos of each patient to grow separately and real-time cameras attached to each chamber reduces the frequency of opening and closing the chambers in Geri. Not only does this allow observation of the progress of embryo growth without removing the embryo from the chamber, it also reduces the impact on the embryo of factors such as changes in gas concentration and temperature.

Merck is engaged in manufacturing and marketing of pharmaceuticals, bulk drugs, fine chemicals and pigments. The company operates through two segments - Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals.