Havells India offers technologically advanced MCBs, RCCBs with enhanced features
26th Jun 2019

Havells India has offered EURO-II range of technologically advanced MCBs and RCCBs with enhanced features and first time ever warranty of ‘Six Years’.

The range has been completely designed and developed at its R&D center in Noida as per global specifications. EURO-II series of MCBs & RCCBs come with nickel plated terminals to give a high resistance from corrosion and are made of flame-retardant material. It comes with all new features like improved bi-stable clip, line load reversibility coupled with dual certification for both, domestic and industrial applications. These MCBs & RCCBs are completely made of made of toxic-free material.

Havells India is a leading FMEG company (Fast moving electrical goods) with presence across India. Its product range includes Industrial & Domestic Circuit Protection Switchgear, Cables&  Wires,  Motors,  Fans,  Power  Capacitors,  Luminaires  for  Domestic,  Commercial  & Industrial applications, Modular Switches etc.