NHPC signs MoU with Ministry of Power for year 2019-20
27th Jun 2019

NHPC has signed Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Ministry of Power, Government of India for the year 2019-20. In the signed MoU for NHPC, generation target under excellent rating has been set as 26000 MU as against last year target of 25400 MU. Excellent Targets for Revenue from Operations (Net) has been kept as Rs 8200 crore, Operating Profit as a percentage of Revenue from Operations (Net) has been kept as 28.50% and PAT/ Average Net Worth has been kept as 8.75%.

Further, Capex target to ensure optimum utilization of budget, targets regarding Plant Availability Factor, Trade Receivables and Reduction in claims against the company not acknowledged as debt etc. have been included in the MoU. In addition, milestones in respect of Human Resource Management parameters and other sector specific parameters viz. reduction in O&M expenses over 2018-19 etc. have also been included in the MoU.

NHPC is engaged in electric power generation by hydroelectric power plants. The company is also engaged in contracts, project management and consultancy works.