Havells India offers Euro-II range of SPD, MCB and RCCB
23rd Jul 2019

Havells India has offered EURO-II range of technologically advanced SPD (surge protection device), RCCB (residual current circuit breaker) and MCB (miniature circuit breaker) which ensure safety from electrical hazards that upturn during monsoons. RCCBs and MCBs come with enhanced safety features and first time ever warranty of ‘Six Years’, ensuring peace of mind for users.

The  range  has  been completely  designed  and  developed at  the company’s  R&D  centre in  Noida as  per  global specifications.

Havells India is a leading FMEG company (Fast moving electrical goods) with presence across India. Its product range includes Industrial & Domestic Circuit Protection Switchgear, Cables&  Wires,  Motors,  Fans,  Power  Capacitors,  Luminaires  for  Domestic,  Commercial  & Industrial applications, Modular Switches etc.