Lupin launches ‘Adhero’ first-of-its-kind connected Smart Device in India
22nd Nov 2019

Lupin has launched ‘ADHERO’, a new connected smart device for metered-dose inhalers. This first-of-its-kind device is designed to help patients with chronic respiratory diseases track their MDI usage and facilitate improved adherence to therapy. The new device, ADHERO, is designed to improve patient adherence to therapy.

ADHERO is a bluetooth-enabled, reusable smart device which attaches to the top of a MDI. With built-in sensors, the device tracks the patient's daily medication usage and consumption patterns. Patients can access this information by connecting their ADHERO device to the ‘MyAdhero’ app on their smartphones. The app is also equipped to send reminders, provide contextual health alerts based on factors like Air Quality Index (AQI) at the patient's current location and enable visual analytics. Physicians too can access patient-related information and medication tracking data through the patient dashboard portal as well as through the app.

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