Arvind partners with ACT Grants to produce 3 crore N95 masks in 12 months
16th Sep 2020

Arvind has partnered with ACT Grants, a non-profit coalition of VC funds and start-up founders, to produce 3 crore N95 masks in the next 12 months. Arvind has received a grant of Rs 10 crore from ACT Grants and will employ its manufacturing expertise on medical products and working capital to create a large, integrated facility for N95 mask production and distribution. Through this partnership, Arvind and ACT Grants will jointly donate 90 lakh masks over the next year to charitable institutions, government bodies and other organisations, focusing on medical and non-medical professionals with the highest risk of contracting the virus.

Upon complete scale-up, the daily N95 mask production capacity will be approximately 2 lakh units, which would be operated, owned and managed by Arvind. This capacity would bridge the gap in supply and edge India towards self-sufficiency in N95 masks. Besides masks, Arvind also manufactures protective coveralls and bio-suits for medical practitioners and frontline warriors.

Arvind is India’s largest integrated textile player and is one of the oldest and most respected groups in the Textile Business in India. The company is also one of the largest producers of denim fabrics and is supplier to a large number of fashion brands in the world.