Saregama launches Carvaan Mini Kids
8th Oct 2020

Saregama India has launched an exclusive product for the kids segment - Carvaan Mini Kids. With ‘stay at home’ becoming the new norm, parents face a struggle with their kids spending far too much time looking at the screens of various devices - be it the laptop or tablet screens for their online classes, or the mobile phone for playing games or just watching shows. Carvaan Mini Kids is a solution to this often faced problem by parents. It combines the dual aspects of fun & learning, in an engaging way for kids without having to resort to looking at digital screens.

Carvaan Mini Kids is a Bluetooth speaker especially designed for kids aged between 2-10 years. It is compact, portable, light weight, child- safe and easy to use as it requires no assistance from elders or parents to operate. It doesn’t need any internet to play and there are no ad breaks to interrupt the child’s listening or learning experience. It can also be used by the kids as their personal Bluetooth speaker to play their own music or any other collection on phone/ tablet.

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