Tata Steel enables longest flyover in Andhra Pradesh through its TMT bars, LRPC strands
19th Oct 2020

Tata Steel has enabled the construction of a 2.6-km long six-lane Kanaka Durga flyover in Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, the longest in the State. The Company has supplied around 80% of the steel used in the project including 2,000 metric tonnes of Low Relaxation Pre-Stressed Concrete (LRPC) Strands and 10,000 metric tonnes of TMT (thermo-mechanically-treated bars). The strength of the steel proved to be a major enabler in increasing the span between the pillars to 45 metres, nearly double the generally accepted standard of 25 metres.

Tata Steel, the flagship company of the Tata group is the first integrated steel plant in Asia and is now the world’s second most geographically diversified steel producer and a Fortune 500 company.