SecureKloud Technologies’ USA arm launches CloudEz platform
16th Jun 2021

SecureKloud Technologies’ USA Step-down Subsidiary -- Healthcare Triangle Inc. has launched its CloudEz platform, as a SaaS offering, a secure turnkey framework that empowers life sciences and healthcare organizations to build a self-serve cloud platform. This cloud-as-aservice solution enables organizations to quickly set up agile, fully managed cloud work environments at scale-reducing compliance risk, lowering costs, and freeing up IT resources for strategic initiatives.

HTI’s CloudEz platform is a vendor-agnostic, IP-driven solution that positions organizations to meet growing business demands with a self-serve catalog of cloud services in a secured and compliant IT infrastructure. Complete with cost management and chargeback capabilities, CloudEz enables organizations to host and consume critical enterprise applications ranging from data analytics to data science, clinical research, genomics, personalized healthcare, real-world evidence, IOT for medical devices, digital health, patient care, research and development, product development and testing, and more.

SecureKloud is a cloud native company with a combination of products, frameworks and services, designed to solve problems around Blockchain, Cloud, Enterprise Security, Decision Engineering and Managed Services.