Tanla Platforms’ arm introduces WhatsApp Business API solution to Panasonic
7th Jul 2021

Tanla Platforms’ Wholly-owned Subsidiary -- Karix Mobile has deployed conversational solution for Panasonic India using the WhatsApp Business Solution Platform. The solution will facilitate one-to-one conversations between Panasonic’s customers and the brand.

Building strong, personalized connections with its end-users helping them connect with the brand is one of the primary objectives of this solution. While the other service channels, specifically SMS and email, will remain available and active, this new channel has been built to be a more convenient option for customers. A two-way interaction to stay updated on new product information, current offers, location of nearby stores, and purchase of accessories for products are some common conversations that could take place through Panasonic’s WhatsApp customer service. 

Tanla Platforms (formerly known as Tanla Solutions) is engaged in providing integrated telecom infrastructure solutions and products. Tanla’s range of services includes product development and implementation in wireless telephony industry, aggregator services and off shore development services.