Mphasis unveils ‘Engineering is in Our DNA’ Campaign to unlock next-gen customer transformation
10th Aug 2021

Mphasis has unveiled its brand transformation campaign - “Engineering is in our DNA” - a fresh approach that help organizations unlock the new digital future.

Mphasis’ drive is to engineer digital solutions to address specific business pain points, in a way that is replicable, scalable, and measurably impactful. At the core of the launch is Mphasis’ hyper-realistic computer-generated imagery, intricately designed to showcase how customers can benefit from a richer, more tailored experience that will help them meet their business transformation goals. The new brand campaign, with innovative 3D imagery for solutions and 4D brand video, will power Mphasis’ progression into a leading customer-centric solutions provider.

Mphasis is a global service provider, delivering technology based solutions across many sectors.