PVR launches renovated PVR Priya at Vasant Vihar
26th Aug 2021

PVR has re-launched one of its oldest and iconic properties Priya in the national capital's Vasant Vihar area. Dubbed as PVR Priya P(XL), the theatre has been designed with new-age technologies and can accommodate a total of 316 audience members.

The company's Urban Place making initiative started in partnership with the not-for-profit organization Future Institute, aims to reclaim the spirit of the vibrant socio-cultural places. As part of this campaign, the PVR Cinemas gave a new touch to the Basant Lok complex at Vasant Vihar, which houses PVR Priya. PVR Priya P(XL) is spread in an area of 14,756 sq feet and features the Cinionic giant screen which will deliver bright and giant experiences to moviegoers.

PVR is the largest and most premium film exhibition company in India. Since its inception in 1997, the brand has redefined the way entertainment is consumed in the country.