Digispice Technologies’ arm enters into joint venture with Tarya group
31st Aug 2021

Digispice Technologies’ subsidiary company -- Spice Money has entered into a joint venture with Tarya group, Israel’s leading fintech player with 70% P2P market-share in Israel, to bring Bharat to the fore of the ongoing data-led digital revolution by launching a lend-tech platform targeted towards rural India. The synergy between Tarya Fintech and Spice Money will lead to the creation of an innovative, agile, assisted and technologically superior digital lending platform.

The JV aims to fill the credit gap in India by offering underserved and underbanked rural India a convenient platform to access credit easily with minimal documentation. This platform will address challenges that have kept rural India financially excluded such as lack of data, limited access and unviable unit economics.

Digispice Technologies is primarily engaged into the Information and Communication Technology business providing Value Added Services, and Mobile Content services to the domestic/international Telecom Operators. Also, the company undertakes development and sale of telecom related software.