Power Grid Corp of India’s board approves investment plans of Rs 552 crore
11th Nov 2021

Power Grid Corporation of India’s board (PGCIL) has approved investments proposals worth around Rs 552 crore. These investment proposals worth Rs 552 crore include capital expenditure for procurement of telecom equipment and associated power system for augmentation of telecom backbone and access network with an estimated cost of Rs 429.24 crore based on June 2021 price level with commissioning schedule of 24 months from the date of award.

It also approved the proposal for a regional system strengthening scheme to mitigate the overloading of 400 kV NP Kunta-Kolar SIC line at an estimated cost of Rs 122.71 crore including IDC of Rs 3.39 crore based on June 2021 price level scheduled to be commissioned by October, 2022.

Power Grid Corporation of India is an Indian state-owned electric utilities company headquartered in Gurgaon, India.