Hero Motocorp expands operations in Argentina
3rd Dec 2021

Hero MotoCorp along with Gilera Motors Argentina has expanded operations and inaugurated a flagship dealership in Argentina. The company and Gilera Motors Argentina have also inaugurated a flagship dealership in Buenos Aires, where customers can experience Hero MotoCorp's world-class products and services.

The company had recently announced the revitalisation of its presence in Argentina by partnering with Gilera Motors, one of the leading companies in the motor vehicle sector in Argentina and one of the most experienced motorcycle manufacturers in Latin America.

Gilera Motors Argentina will make new investments to rapidly expand all business operations for Hero MotoCorp’s world-class products. This is expected to generate nearly 500 new jobs in the region.

Gilera Motors Argentina has also expanded its plant in Carlos Spegazzini Province of Buenos Aires to completely renovate its infrastructure and adapt the latest automotive technologies that are incorporated in Hero MotoCorp products.

Hero MotoCorp is the world’s largest manufacturer of motorcycles and scooters.