ITC accelerating move to go beyond plastic neutrality
6th Apr 2022

ITC is accelerating its move to go beyond plastic neutrality, having sustainably managed more than 54,000 tonnes of plastic waste across India in 2021-22. Its flagship solid waste management programme ‘Well-Being Out of Waste' (WOW) has so far covered 1.8 crore citizens across 46.7 lakh households in India's large cities and small towns.

It has adopted a multi-pronged approach to reduce plastic in its operations spanning FMCG, hotels, paperboards and packaging. These include creating robust next-generation environment friendly packaging solutions, mega-scale waste collection programmes under its flagship waste management initiative 'ITC WOW Well-Being Out of Waste' as well as focussed interventions in rural areas, among others.

ITC has business a interests in cigarettes, hotels, paperboards and specialty papers, packaging, agribusiness, packaged foods and confectionery, information technology, branded apparel, personal care, stationery, safety matches and other FMCG products.