Infosys earns highest ESG scores
7th Apr 2022

Infosys has topped Stakeholders Empowerment Services’ (SES) Environment, Social, Governance (ESG) score in their latest report ‘ESG Scores - Top 100 Listed Companies in India'.

SES, a corporate governance research and advisory firm, assessed the ESG performance of top 100 listed companies across 17 sectors in India. The company was recognized for receiving the highest average overall score of 80 on 100 which equals to an ‘A’ grade.

In the SES scoring model, companies were assessed based on FY2019-20 data and broadly on four parameters: Policy, Environment, Social, and Governance. Infosys scored 92 in policy disclosures, 76 in Environment, 75 in Social, and 84 in governance. The analysis was conducted using SES’ proprietary evaluation model to garner insights from 315 pre-determined questions, 1,239 parameters and 2,200+ individual data points, all based on public disclosures. The proprietary model was developed by SES and was vetted by technical partners. The report also acknowledged Infosys’ efforts in shaping and sharing solutions that serve the development of businesses and communities sustainably.

Infosys is a global leader in next-generation digital services and consulting.