Gulshan Polyols collaborates with Amplus
31st Dec 2022

Gulshan Polyols has collaborated with Amplus, to purchase electricity in the form of solar energy for its Muzaffarnagar plant in Uttar Pradesh. This association would facilitate supply of power for Muzaffarnagar plant, which is mainly focused on grain processing and mineral processing business.

Gulshan is planning to procure 4 to 5 lakhs units of electricity per month at 30-40% subsidized cost through this association for Muzaffarnagar plant in Uttar Pradesh. This contract is in line with the company’s long-term vision to transit into using more sustainable and renewable sources of energy and to ‘Go Green’.

Gulshan Polyols is engaged in manufacturing of ‘Sorbitol-70%’. Sorbitol, a starch derivative, sweet in taste, finds wide range application, the major uses in dentrifice, cosmetic, Pharma, Vitamin-C, food products etc.