National Fertilizers reports 27% grwoth in total Fertilizer Sale in April-December 2022
7th Jan 2023

National Fertilizers (NFL) has clocked a growth of 27% in total Fertilizer Sale during April- December 2022 as compared to corresponding period of last year. The company reported total fertilizer sale of 49.71 Lakh MT compared to corresponding period of last year of 39 25 Lakh MT which is best ever in its history. The company has performed exceedingly well not only in sale of its core product, Urea but also increased volumes of DAP and Complex Fertilizers in the market. The recently introduced products like PDM (Potash derived from Molasses). Micronutrients and Water Soluble Fertilizers has also received good response from the farmers.

Other than the fertilizers, the Agrochemical business of the company registered a growth of 146% during this period as compared to corresponding period of last year. The company has also performed well in production & sales of Industrial Products.

National Fertilizers is second largest producer of Nitrogenous Fertilizers in the India commanding 16.5% of market share. The company also manufactures spectrum of industrial products which include Methanol, Sodium Nitrate, Sodium Nitrite, Nitric Acid, Sulphur, Liquid Oxygen, Liquid CO2, Liquid Nitrogen etc.