Refex Industries incorporates subsidiary company
15th Mar 2023

Refex Industries has incorporated the Subsidiary of the Company in the name of 'Refex Green Mobility’ on March 14, 2023. The company has received approval from the Ministry of Corporate Affairs to incorporate the Subsidiary of the Company and has issued a Certificate of Incorporation for the same.

Refex Green Mobility is incorporated to provide the business of using the ever-evolving innovations in technology landscape in order to offer environmentally sustainable services in the urban transportation and energy sectors. The offerings will include but not be limited to providing transportation services to people through electric vehicles, or through any other mode, to, among others, customers (retail and corporate), government entities, tourists, and any other customer group, and to also provide logistic services by way of using electric vehicles or through any other mode.

Refex Industries (RIL) is a specialist manufacturer and re-filler of Refrigerant gases in India, particularly, environmentally acceptable gases that are replacements for Chloro-fluoro-carbons (CFC’s).